How Rewarding a Dead Click Can Increase Your Conversions

How Rewarding a Dead Click Can Increase Your Conversions

Using Google Analytics, we track every button, link, play button pressed, etc. Using that data has helped us make some great discoveries in regards to helping our websites convert better. However, almost as important as understanding what buttons your users are clicking, is understanding what they are clicking which is not inherently clickable. In this short case example, we were able to increase trucking driver conversions by 17%, and here’s how:


One of our trucking clients offers great benefits to their drivers (home time, bonuses, paid time off, etc.). On our landing pages, we list those benefits. Using heatmaps, we saw that users were clicking on those benefits areas:

johngroup dart benefits ab heatmap test


It should be noted that clicks are hard to come by in the internet world these days. If users are clicking, they obviously feel something of value is to be gained by clicking that area of your site. As such, we always try to “reward” those clicks as much as possible. In this case, we set up a simple AB test (sending half of our site traffic to one version and the other half to our new version to test), and simply added an apply now button (our conversion metric) that would appear if users clicked on those benefits boxes:

johngroup dart benefits ab heatmap test 2


What we were able to see is that our conversions increased by 17%!  With the bulk of those new conversions came from our added benefits buttons. What’s interesting is that we didn’t actually offer the user any more value or added information. We simply gave them an added convenience of a CTA right where they were clicking and we (as was our client) was very pleased with the results.


Increased Conversions


Reduced Cost Per Conversion

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